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Zero code styling tool for web designers

Stylebox is a Chrome extension that can style the contents of any webpage directly through the browser.

Quick & easy real-time editing

This extension provides an intuitive & convenient style panel that gives you full control of CSS customization without needing to know the syntax. Simply click on an element on the page to bring up the panel & watch as each edit updates the page in real time.

Automatic element selection

Use the included CSS selector field to select multiple elements & edit them together. If you are unfamiliar with CSS selector syntax there is no need to worry, Stylebox will automatically suggest selectors for you based on whatever element you have selected. You can also navigate between elements to help you select the specific one you need to edit.

Unique background design & application

Stylebox also includes a unique element background editor. Create custom background graphics with predefined shapes, a polygon tool, star tool, & blob generator. Size, position, & rotate any number of added objects & even use your own images in the mix. Your designs can then be saved as images or applied automatically through CSS syntax alone.

Easy copy & paste publishing

Applying your modifications to your live website is easy. All you need to do is copy the automatically generated CSS syntax with the click of a button & paste the code anywhere custom CSS is accepted. There are many website builders, widgets, & web apps that provide a place for you to add custom CSS, including, but not limited to:

GoDaddy Website Builder


Start using Stylebox today!

This extension for Chrome is currently in Early Access. However, we feel it has reached a state where it is fully usable and are seeking support to fund its further development. Early Access subscription includes a 30-day money back gaurantee.


Style Editor
Save Changes
Generate CSS



All Free Features
Background Editor
Access To Style Library
(In Development)
Access To Background Library
(In Development)
Create Custom Quick Styles
(In Development)
Regular Feature Updates
Premium Support

Save 40%!

Early Access


All Free & Subscription Features
Install Stylebox Extension Today
Support Development
Make Feature Requests
Locked $9/mo Subscription Price
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
*1LD Gift Card

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*1LD Gift Card

For a limited time subscribers can claim a free gift card used for purchases of RapidWeaver products at Monthly subscribers may claim a $20 gift card while yearly subscribers may claim a $50 gift card. Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime, the gift card may still be used without obligation.


What is Early Access?

"Early access is a funding model we are using that allows select people to subscribe and use the extension while we use the funds to continue further development. Those that subscribe to participate will help to debug the extension, provide feedback and suggestions, and have access to an exclusive discount rate."

Why Early Access?

"We put a lot of our resources into developing this extension and fully believe in it. However we need support to add planned features and the features our users may want. We would like to offer access to the extension in order to learn what our users are looking for."

Approximately how long will this extension be in Early Access?

"It depends on early access interest and support, but we hope to release the extension to the public in less than a year. Until then, we intend to keep updating the extension with new features as they are developed and anticipate feature requests and feedback to help shape what needs to be changed and added."

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

"As currently planned, the full version of the extension will also include access to an ever growing library of styles that can be applied to elements with a single click. You will also be able to create your own styles by selecting any element from a page and saving the style edits to your own library. The background editor will have more design tools added. It will also have a library of unique designs that can be quickly added as well as support saving your own designs to be applied on other pages or websites."

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

"The main features (Style Panel, Selector field, & Background Editor) of the extension are fully developed and usable. We have and are still testing to eliminate bugs and improve usability but do anticipate early access users to find minor bugs here and there. Patches will be released to fix any reported bugs or problems."

Will the extension be priced differently during and after Early Access?

"This extension is available at a 40% discount for the monthly subscription and a 50% discount to the yearly subscription. After the extension is released, the early access discount will no longer be available to new users, however anyone who joined early access and supported the development of the extension will get to keep their discounted rate, forever, even if the price changes in the future. Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime so if you decide that you don't need the extension at any point in time, but decide to re-subscribe later, we will still honor the discounted rate."

Want to see it in action?

Find out how easy it is to make custom modifications with Stylebox.

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